Wednesday, February 5, 2014

NOTD: Lancome Rose Satin (366)

Lancome's inspiration for their Spring 2014 Collection is French Ballerine. The promotional posters look gorgeous - graceful, delicate, and altogether feminine. I purchased a Khol in Love liner and Vernis in Love Rose Satin (366). The photo of the polish on Nordstrom's site makes it look like a lovely muted pink-coral.
Lancome Vernis in Love - Rose Satin (pic from Nordstrom's site)

I've never tried Lancome's nail lacquers and I thought this shade looked divine on my computer screen, so I went for it. When it arrived, I opened the packaging to find it the polish looked a lot more, um, vibrant than online.

This was my first Lancome vernis. I was excited to see they utilize a wider brush, like Dior and Guerlain. It wasn't quite as wide and the application was very streaky. I added a second coat to even things out, but it was still not exactly smooth.
Lancome Vernis in Love in Rose Satin (366) - with flash
Lancome Vernis in Love in Rose Satin (366) - artificial light, no flash
Lancome Vernis in Love in Rose Satin (366) - outside, natural light
The picture taken in artificial (yellow) light may give some hope that there is some coral to this shade, but it definitely does not look like this in real life. In fact, I was very surprised that this is what my camera captured, as it never actually appeared this way. The most accurate picture here is the one taken outside - this is what the lacquer looks like in most light. Altogether, Rose Satin is a vibrant, slightly blue-toned pink.

I was hoping this shade would be a springy, coral shade, as opposed to an obnoxious hot pink. On top of my disappointment in the color, the polish chipped within 24 hours - and I mean really chipped. Entire flakes were just falling off.

Lancome Vernis in Love in Rose Satin (366) can be found at Nordstrom for $15. I highly suggest you save your money though. If you really want a crappy hot pink nail polish, there are plenty out there for a lot less money. I returned the lacquer - it had to go.

The following clip from "Addams Family Values" really sums up how this entire situation made me feel:

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